Monday, September 26

House shopping and Job Interviews

It just so happens that there is a house up for sale one block over from where my parents currently live. It would fit the bill as far as what they are looking for in buying. So, today we are going to go take a look. :)

A couple weeks ago I applied for a job and expect to be getting a call today or tomorrow for an interview. Its just a small time Executive Assisant position, doesnt pay much, but as far as I can say should be perfect for me until I can get into school.

So all, cross your fingers and toes that both of these follow through today!

FYI, my little Sister, Aunt, Uncle, Great Aunt, and Granpa live in Houston, I was glad that all is well for my family. There were a few stress filled days where we werent quite sure where Rita was going to hit. Rachel worked at the hospital from Thursday to Sunday. She had food and shelter (not to mention she got paid round the clock for being "on call" yeah for overtime!). As it turned out, when she got back home on Sunday she was without power for about 2 hours.

We have been blessed.

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