Wednesday, October 26


Well, we were discussing the doctrine of Soddom and Gamorrah.
First, the instructor stated that Lot's wife didn't just look back, but actually, physically went back. (my opinion is that as it isn't listed in any teachers manual, or church publication I have found, that is a personal interpretation that we could go on about for awhile, but won't.)
Second was that the reason she went back, was for material things. Just material things. He stated that the moral of the story was "Don't be materialistic."

I raised my hand and added that I thought it was more than JUST materialism. That she wanted to go back to a lifestyle. Not just her nice clothes or cool car. That maybe she didn't want to change the way she lived. Didn't want to pray, or be nice to others..wanted to just go on eating drinking and being merry. And that, while, a lot of sins include items purchased, MOST of transgression lies in the heart, not the pocketbook.

The teacher said, "Well, okay...but its really about materialism."

I would have simply left it at that, but after class he fake appologized to me. He walked up to me and said, " Hey, Im sorry that I shot down your comment in class. You understand where I was coming from right?"
I said, " It's not a big deal."
He said, "Yeah, but you kinda felt like thats what I did right?"
Me: "Yeah, but its not a big deal."

It wasn't so much the words, but in the casual, "I am the institute teacher and what I say goes" sort of way he said it that made me want to go home and study the issue a bit longer. My Dad even got into it and started reading. Out of 82 quotes about "Lot's wife" NONE said it had anything to do with materialism. ALL chalked it up to matters of the heart.

After this whole deal, I never have gone back to the class. You must know that I don't think less of the teacher, but due to a variety of other classes, I have chosen not to go back. Mostly, I learned a valuable lesson out of this whole thing.

Never just take someone else's opinion as the real thing. ALWAYS study it out for yourself. And institute teachers are not infallible either.

I know its a silly point to argue. Trust me...I KNOW! But I guess valuable lessons come in all shapes and sizes.


Katrina said...

You're making such a good point about Bible study! We should all seek out the truth for ourselves--God doesn't hide it; it's right there for anyone who looks. A "new" interpretation of a passage that can only be found in some obscure commentary or in the assertions of a single teacher may reasonably be considered suspect until further study bears it out.

Bravo to you, for stating your opinion so boldly and refusing to accept something blindly just because a teacher said it.

I agree with your interpretation, by the way; I think Lot's wife's biggest problems were a reluctance to turn her heart away from her old life and give it to God and an ingratitude for His salvation.

Abel said...

That materialism thing is new to me too. Never heard that before. It's probably a rumor that institute teachers swap at the water cooler.

jill said...

OMG! I've known Katrina since I was 15! How odd, surreal really, to find her randomly here commenting on your blog. Funnily, I was going to say just about the same thing she was, though I don't think I could have said it nearly as well. She's a smart chickie and has DONE her Bible study, so you should feel solidly vindicated.