Sunday, October 23

Just bad timing

About three weeks ago, I had an altercation with a Religion teacher in a class I was taking. The subject of the altercation isn't the issue, but needless to say, I was brushed off and discredited in the class. Later, after a bit of studying I came to the conclusion that I was not incorrect in my opinion.

The next week I didn't go to class due to a celebration with my niece. (She'd just lost her first tooth and I promised her an ice cream.) Last week, Blythe and I decided to check out the Religion class going on at the University of Utah.

Tonight, the teacher from the first class called to see if everything was okay as he had noticed I had missed a couple classes.

It was nice of him to call. In fact, I think it was very impressive that he DID call. I don't want him to think that it had anything to do with the altercation we'd had.... Just bad timing.

Anyway, last night was fun. I met up with a friend of mine from Omaha. Turns out her ward had a dance last night and invited about 7 other wards to attend. The ward seemed so nice Blythe and I went to church there today. I know its wierd to say, but it felt like I have finally gone to church since I moved back to Utah.

I never thought it would be such a struggle to feel that "I know I am in the ward I am supposed to be in" feeling. Not sure if I am being premature, but so far it feels good. I won't be able to move my records there, or have a calling, but I think I will just see what happens.

After the dance ended at 11pm (what?!!!) I drove home while listenting to Christmas music full blast on the stereo, and was still a bit keyed up. I ended up sitting in front of my computer watching episodes from the Gilmore girls "the complete first season" until 2am. I know, it sounds like a perfectly girly thing to do. LOL. Not sure if I am completely hooked on the show yet, but figure I have three more seasons to watch to make up my mind.

Did I mention the fact that I am crocheting a blanket for a Christmas present and am doing this while watching said show?


Abel said...

You need to tell us what the altercation was about....I'm curious.

Rachel said...

who was the teacher???