Wednesday, November 30

Harry Potter

While in Texas, a few of us decided to go see the new Harry Potter movie. Since I am quite the fan, and was less than excited about the results of the 3rd movie, I really needed this one to be phenomenal.

I think it was! There were quite a few things omitted, but understandably so. The movie wouldn't have made it as a 5 or 6 hour deal, and I feel they kept most of the main points intact.

The interesting part about the evening was the fact that some guy, about my same age, started snoring before the movie even started and kept it up 'til the end. I tried pretty hard to ignore it, but at times, he got pretty loud. All four in our party were privy to the loud nasal breathing, and each in turn did the "turn around and stare while huffing loudly" deal, but to no avail. Hell, people on the row in front of us were turning around as well!

After the movie, this guy proceeds to stand and stretch! I of course, had to say something!

"Did you have a nice nap?" I said.
"Could you be any ruder?!" says some girl sitting next to the noisy boy.

At first, I admit, that I thought she was commenting on the noise. My sister-in-law caught on that this girl was actually referring to me!

"Did you hear that? WE are the rude ones!" Michele says incredulously. (you have to know that few things can push Michele into an argument, but when something does, you just KNOW to make sure you are on the right side of the argument! *wink, wink*)

So, I turn back to this lady and say, "Who comes to a movie and sleeps through the thing? I certainly didn't pay 8 bucks to hear someone snoring for 2 and a half hours! If you are gonna sleep, go home!"

Later on, my brother said he was about to say something to them as well, but saw that his wife and I had it completely under control.

Meanwhile, this gal keeps commenting on our opinions like we were the only people who noticed. I am sorry, but if you have a disorder that causes you to fall asleep during movies, try hitting the dollar shows. Or, better yet, try PAY-PER-VIEW! And if you are on a date with a snoring man, give him a nudge for Pete's sake!

As I sit here thinking about the encounter, I am still baffled that this lady thought that they had done nothing wrong!

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