Wednesday, January 25

Another day

I haven't had a chance, the last few days to do my routine internet surfing, so it was nice to be able to come home and get in some good reading! This new job is the best! I can see who lucky I was to find this one.

My last job was very laid back. My managers were cool in the respect that I was given the freedom to do my job without someone babysitting my every move. My biggest fear in finding employment in Utah, was that I would have to settle for some phone monkey position, working as one out of a thousand employees, and that my manager would tell me when I was allowed to use the bathroom.

It would be hard for me to tell you what it is that I do exactly, without giving away my employer, and at this juncture, I feel that would be unwise. Suffice it to say, I am working in Advertising. A field I have absolutely no experience! But the job I do entails a lot of project type management, fast paced decision making, and organization to the point that no mistakes are possible, which is not unlike my past job.



Abel said...

Glad you're licking the job.

Abel said...

I mean LIKING the job (not licking) :-)