Thursday, January 19

This week in review

I guess I have done a terrible job of keeping updated on here about whats been going on. With the new job starting soon, (I am thinking Monday if all turns out right with the drug test)I hope to have more to write about.

Monday I went to the Opera with my Dad. Puccini's Le Rondine. As far as opera goes, I loved it. But as far as it's plot went, it would have been better had someone died in the end.

Tuesday I helped my brother and his wife tend the kiddies as they moved into a new place. It will be quite an improvement over their last dwelling, as there are no holes in the roof causing insulation to shower down upon them. That and on the whole there is just more room.

Wednesday, my friend Kat and I went to Salt Lake for a day of job interviews. I walked out of my first interview feeling very sure that the job was mine. (And it is!!!) It is a position in the Advertising department of a company that seems to be a great one to work for. We shall see how I will fit in.


Me said...

Way to go Becky!!!!

Asia said...

Your descriptions of ordinary living are beautiful and entertaining. Good luck in your new job. How long will be your commute? I moved from suburbia Sandy just over a year ago, but I don't think I've ever been to Grantsville. Is it named after Heber J. Grant or perhaps Salt Lake's first mayor: Jedidiah Morgan Grant (my great great great grandpa). Well, anyway, maybe you have no idea who your town is named after. Anyway, I found your blog by clicking on Believing Christ. Anothering thing we have in common is our love of Operas. Take care. -Asia

Little Miss said...

I like your blog design! And congrats on getting the job--let us know how it goes!