Friday, March 31

Celibate in the City

The Cheese Stands Alone

As I have found myself in this same situation, I have decided to give the ole LDS Singles Online bit a chance. It turns out that they are having some kinds of anniversary sale and it will only cost $5 for a month instead of the usualy $12. I figure, if it turns out to be a disaster (as Kat found out for herself) I am only out five bucks.

I haven't had the greatest luck with the people I have met over the years on the world wide web, but I figure I have to do something right? I live too far from Salt Lake to be motivated enough to drive in every Sunday for church, so we shall see!

If you are interested in Celibate's blog, check out her post Dear Celibate from Disillusioned

She makes some fantastic points.


Abel said...

Ah. LDS Singles. That brings back nightmares. :-) Hope you have better luck than I did with it.

Little Miss said...

sorry, can't focus right now. too busy checking out the black cherry tree thing...