Wednesday, April 5

Feeling really safe

Yesterday afternoon, as I was walking toward my car, I saw a guy in a bright red ball cap, walking in the same direction. Being the kind of person I am, I wondered if he were going to try and get into my car. You know, the whole "worst case scenario" thought process.

Low and behold, he did! He opened the door and was in the process of getting into my car when I walked up and explained that it was mine. He jumped out and said, "oh, are you sure? I have a car like this h-here."

Yep, I am sure that the blue honda with the orange FLOWERS hanging from the rear-view mirror is mine!!! So I got in my car and drove it up to the front of the building. I told security about the situation, but by that time he had vanished.

Okay, so he only got one grimy foot into my car, but it left me with a feeling of violation. After work, I had to go vacuum the interior, cuz I just felt all creeped out.

Not to make it worse, but a co-worker of mine kept reminding me that it could have been worse. What if he had a gun? What if he hit you with something? You could have been seriously hurt. Yadda yadda. Now my stomach gets all curly when I walk to my car.

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