Tuesday, August 8

Just the news

The man was almost killed at this concert over the weekend. At about 1am, I got a text regarding incident:
Tool concert. Was almost killed and had to be resuscitated by a paramedic. Guess it wasn't my time. Bye babe.

Yay. Thanks for the update! lol(that was an ironic "lol").

Then, as if that wasn't enough adventure for him, he almost gets arrested and sent to jail while visiting in Mexico. Crazy crazy man.... :) Side note: didn't do anything wrong, just a random "pull over and rip the car apart just in case". You know, the usual.

Glad he is home and in one piece!


Heard on the radio regarding this issue.

I am shocked and appalled that they are talking about a court martial. What, a slap on the wrist cuz the victims weren't American? I admit, I have limited knowledge of military discipline, but still...


Broadway Baby said...

Stop the madness! What is this world coming to?

fwoom said...

Wow. I'm a fwoom that was on mIRC years ago. In Utah, no less. Hung out in #mormon quite a bit. Maybe I'm the same fwoom you knew?

Broadway Baby said...

So you know fwoom? Wow, small world, huh?