Saturday, August 19

yeah, I know long time.

I HATE it when that happens! finish the post and the dumb computer loses it.. you would think I would learn..

Anyway, cant really do the internet thing at work these days. I screwed up on something that cost the company thousands of dollars. Yeah, kinda like my car..... so, being under the microscope, I dont want to press my luck.

Funny story of the week:
Planned this great dinner...Brazilian Stroganoff. My favorite dish from the mish. Problem: the man doesnt care for mushrooms. Being the great, accomodating girlfriend that I am, I threw a frozen pizza in the oven.
So, how the H did I burn the pizza?! Yeah, 28 and I play like Im 16, learning to cook for the first time. Moral of the story? Dont ever brag up how great a cook you are. That way, there are no expectations that you will actually get to eat dinner. Effing frozen pizzas anyay....


Broadway Baby said...

Watch out for those frozen pizzas. they'll sneak up and bite you in the A when you least expect it. By the way, you know fwoom? Weird. Small world.

fwoom said...

Yeah, I learned a long time ago never to brag about myself. I tend to talk about how crappy I am, because it sets expectations pretty low. That way, if I fail, no one is surprised. And when I am wildly successful, people just think I'm humble.

It's all about the under-promise and over-deliver.