Thursday, September 11

be still

I have a confession to make. I want to get a new tattoo. I've wanted one for awhile. The problem I have though, is I don't know what I want. I've decided that until I am absolutely sure, it's not going to happen. The first two are a testament to that. Haha!

This one has to be words. I love words. Words move and breathe. They can make your heart race, and they can make it slow down just enough to keep you from freaking out completely.

That's really what I am looking for. That one magic phrase that will shield me from breaking. The reminder that "this too shall pass" I've looked and looked, but nothing so far is ringing true.

I think the real problem is there isn't one really. I would have to write a million phrases. Because the magic words change from circumstance to circumstance. One day it would just be the word "breathe". Another it would be "get off your ass".

Sunday was regional conference for me. The last speaker made a great point for me. It has been going through my head all week. If we put God first in our lives, we will no longer need to make plans. It will not matter if we are married or single. It will not matter what career we have or how much money we make. If God is first in our lives, we will be content with what is.

I have this horrible need to make plans. It's a bit obsessive really. "God helps them who helps themselves," right?

So, for now, I need to give up the idea that painting a word on my foot or hand will fortify my heart from breaking, or keep me from making mistakes. :)

Nevertheless, I know in whom I have trusted...

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