Wednesday, November 10

Christmas in November

So, the Omaha Radio stations have decided that we need Christmas music now, to help lighten everyone up after the stress of the elections. So, we have two stations that have started their 24/7 airing of Christmas music.
I think this is a good thing. I love Christmas and find myself wanting to listen to holiday music in the middle of June. (and I do!)
But honestly, some of the renditions on the radio make me want to vomit.

On another note, I decided to do two things for my lesson on Sunday. I am going to print up a bunch of quotes from the leaders of the church in modern times. and put magnets on the backs so people can stick em up. And I am going to get a bunch of fortune cookies and pull out all the dumb fortunes and stick in scriptures in each one. The scriptures will just be random commandments throughout the scriptures.
good idea?

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