Tuesday, November 9

The Passion of the Christ

Yesterday, due to it being rather slow at work, I did some more studying for my lesson coming up this Sunday. I didn't even realize that time was going by so quickly. I started studying at 11am (lunchtime) and didn't stop until about 4pm. Time just got away from me. But I feel a lot better about the lesson. Maybe this time I won't freeze up!

When I got home, I decided that I should rent The Passion of the Christ. It was on Entertainment on Demand (payperview) so I figured it was a good time as any. Both of my roommates were at work and I had just enough time to watch it before they got home. Not that I was ashamed of seeing it. But more that I didn't know how I was going to react, and wanted to have some privacy.

I can definitely say that I am glad I waited until I could see it at home. It would have been too hard to watch in a theatre. I am normally such a cry baby anyway.

At this point, I still don't know what I think of it. It was as authentic as I expected it to be. But there was quite a slap of reality to it as well. My whole life I have been raised knowing about all that Christ went through prior to his resurrection. But watching it on screen....

Also, I think it is better to be fairly familiar with the Gospels before watching the film. I hesitate to see religious movies based on actual events, because in order to keep the attention of viewers, a certain amount of fiction needs to be placed in the script. Same goes with books. You end up getting a skewed interpretation. This movie was no exception. But if you are familiar with the 4 Gospels, you are better able to separate the actual Biblical Account, from the fiction and the Catholicism in the film. It really felt good to see certain things and KNOW the difference.

As it is, every time I have a quiet moment, I can't help but think about the movie. There were a few things that I think were worthy of pondering.
One thing I found interesting, was the depiction of Mary, the mother of Jesus. I think that in most religions she is much of an enigma. This movie brought her to life. I know it was all fiction when it came to her, but at the same time. She became real, and I imagine how it would have been for any mother to watch her child suffering. Its a point to ponder....
Another was the idea that Satan was there all through Christ's ordeal. I don't know of any scriptural reference that says he was present, but remember reading something in 'Jesus the Christ' by James E. Talmage that it is possible that he was present.
It makes sense to me. Afterall, how do we suppose Christ was exposed to the sins of the world? And didn't Satan have just as much at stake in the outcome of this experience as we did?
Even before this movie, I have always wondered what what going through the minds of those people that had been healed by Christ. What was the once blind man thinking when he saw his Master carrying his cross through the streets? Or the once crippled man, taking some of his first steps up to Golgotha.

I just can't imagine. I feel so good though, knowing that as Latter-day Saints, we want to focus more on the fact that He was Resurrected. That yes, he died, but because he rose from the dead, we all can live again. That we have a chance at being with God, in the flesh.
Overall, I think Mel Gibson did a good thing with this movie. If it humbles the world..it is a good thing.

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