Tuesday, November 16

I thought it was Wednesday this morning

This day is going by rather slow. All I have done is surf the web, and that makes the time drag a bit.
I had a slight scare yesterday. I got a bill from my mechanic for some work they had done on my car. The bill had gone up since my last invoice of $203.00 It now reads $593.00
Needless to say, I really didnt sleep well last night! But I called in today and spoke to the accountant who had just messed up and had somehow deleted all payments made against the order. Even after I hung up the phone, my hands were shaking a bit. I had visions of having to spend Christmas here. NOT a pleasant thought!

Tomorrow my Dad is going in for an Angiogram. We will be finding out if he will require open heart surgery. I hope not. He has already had the surgery before. Not to mention, my Grandpa died last year while undergoing the same thing.
But, I have faith that all will be well irregardless. We will not be tried beyond our capacity to deal.

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