Friday, March 25

A GOOD friday!

Hello all :) Just wanted to be happy today. It seems to me that a bunch of people around me are living lives of misery! Ya, I have to admit that things havent been bright and cheery all the time for me, but come on people!

I feel like everyone is singing that stupid song by Simple Plan "welcome to my life", constantly. Its like a bad teenage, "nobody understands me, everybody hates me" moment.

Be happy yo! (hee hee) Life will be great in the end! Go watch "Tommy Boy" or "Without a Paddle" Find something to laugh about everyday, if only to get away from yourself.

Have a Good Friday! (nice pun aye?)

1 comment:

Rachel said...

Ha! So true! Simple Plan seems to be nothing but "nobody understands me, life is blah, pity on me, etc etc. Of course, I have the first CD, but when I listen to it, I get those same thoughts. Poor baby...get over yourself!!!!
Hope you did have a GOOD friday! I haven't talked to ya in a while...I sould call you this weekend....