Monday, March 28

Happy Easter....

..or floating holiday, as they call it at work. :)

Not much happened this weekend. Sat on my duff and played playstation on Saturday afternoon. We colored eggs that night. seemed a lot more fun when I was younger.

Sunday was church. It was a fantastic day! All of the lessons were great. I got my temple recomment renewed. (A very appropriate day for that!) The choir sang Beautiful Savior, and apart from that rather strained high note that the soprano's only wish they could hit, it didnt sound too bad. lol

Then came the Easter dinner. Can I even begin to explain how much food we had? It was absolutely ridiculous! Almost 8 lbs of ham, funeral potatoes, veggies, cottage cheese and jello salad (enough to feed the entire singles ward!), deviled eggs, and cheesecake. My roommate made rolls, but they smelled a bit suspicious, too much yeast we were thinking..

All in all, it was a good day. :) Missed being with my family though....

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