Tuesday, March 15

the lid on the mustard was not closed..

The other day, I was making a sandwich..and went to shake the mustard. You know..to get the clear juice mixed in... and found, to my surprise...that the lid was not closed. Becuase I was late for work, I quickly scanned my clothes to see if I had any mustard on me..and found none. But I kept smelling mustard all day! When I got to work I found that a nice glob had landed on my sleeve.
I hate that. Once I did the same thing with a big bottle of salsa...

To answer your question young sister...Harry Potter will be out on June 16th. :)

I want to move to Utah so badly it is ridiculous! Every day, my job gets worse.

But the weather is turning. It is supposed to hit 50 degree's today. Soon tornado weather will be upon us and things will start warming up...
*que the jeopardy theme*

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