Friday, March 4

Harry Potter

Well, it is offical. I have finally become one of those "pre-order" H.P. fans. Today I reserved a couple copies of the next volume of the series. Never done that before...

I haven't even done that with movies or CD's.

Anyway...should be an interesting weekend. Roomies are goin out of town, and I will be all alone.

Been arguing with my manager the last day or so. It is mainly regarding the best way to train the new employee that we have. I have pretty much been the team mentor/trainer for about two years and this new manager wants to change the way I have been doing it.

Im not the official trainer though. She spent about 2 weeks in a classroom with him. But once she is out on the floor, I pretty much teach her the "on the job" stuff.

The manager wants to have her sit with four different people in one week to learn everyones working styles. But she still doesn't know how to do the work! Shouldnt you learn the right way before learning the shortcuts?

It just ticks me off....


Rachel said...

When does the next HP volume come out?? I will have to get it!

Rachel said...